ssh to your AWS VM’s Easily..!

Vrushali Raut
1 min readDec 24, 2019


Generally, when you need to connect to AWS VM boxes you use the command

ssh username@ 

If you want to do debugging on the microservice system architecture- want to check how your data is flowing when you hit API request from postman you have to open multiple workers and services and what not..!

To ease your life and do ssh easily use the following thing..!

How you will use it?

  1. Open one text file in your home directory by using the command
vim .ssh/config

Inside your config file use following snippet add Host, Hostname, and User, Port


#Host — alias used for service/worker name
#HostName — Give proper service IP address
#User — username should be your username used for log in to VM box
#Port — port will remain the same as this one is a global port

Now you can directly use the following command on your terminal. (sfs is an alias used for service name)

 ssh sfs 


ssh user.vrushali@sfs more need to remember the IP address :)

3. To automate this one more level you can use bash scripting..!

How you will do that now..! 🤔

Inside yours .zshrc file add below function

On your Terminal now only use the following command, and you will be connected to a particular service.

connect sfs 

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