Before Pushing Clojure code to gitlab?

Vrushali Raut
1 min readApr 16, 2021


When you write a snippet of code in Clojure and want to test’s everything works use following handy cheatsheet before pushing your code to gitlab CI.

  • `lein clean` :- clean the local repository of unused artifacts
  • `lein test` :- run the tests in the TESTS namespaces, or all tests
  • `lein test :only test/worker/service/xyz_test.clj` :- run the single test in the TESTS namespaces
  • `lein coverage` :-show test coverage report by analysing whole project
  • `lein cljfmt check` :- check if project has any formatting errors.
  • `lein cljfmt fix` :- fix formatting error
  • `lein eastwood ` :- eastwood is a clojure lint tool to inspect namespace and report possible problems. more reference
  • `lein deps` :- load dependencies of clojure

For more reference of Clojure basic usage check library details here :-

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