Generally, when you need to connect to AWS VM boxes you use the command

ssh username@ 

If you want to do debugging on the microservice system architecture- want to check how your data is flowing when you hit API request from postman you have to open multiple workers and services…

PGTune — Postgres tuning

What is it? 🤔

PGTune aka as Postgres Tuning. PGTune calculates configuration for PostgreSQL based on the maximum performance for a given hardware configuration.

Why do we need it? 🤔

Let’s take an example to understand the need, Let’s say we have Aws Postgres Box with the following configuration provided.

# DB Version: 11
# OS Type: linux
# DB Type: web

You’ve probably heard of JSON and XML as ways to serialize data. JSON and XML are great for frontend Like them for Back-end server to server communications Protocol buffers match better.

Protocol buffers aka Protobufs mainly used if you want to exchange messages between services. Protocol Buffers is widely used…

Datadog: Three pillars of observability

I am analyzing Datadog monitors nowadays. I would like to share insight which will help you to understand the basics of it.

* Table of Contents:-

* Datadog:-

Datadog is a monitoring service for cloud-scale applications…

Vrushali Raut

I’m a Product Engineer at Gojek. I love to share my experiments, learnings via Blogs.

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